Separating agent for edge-banding machines

  • Prevents adhesives from adhering to work piece surfaces in the machine à Clean surfaces at the end of the process
  • For edge and material surfaces made of ABS, melamine, PP, acrylic, PET, PVC or real wood*
  • Strong lubricating effect à Machining tools are protected from wear and tear and from soiling
  • Application by means of the mobilaTECT vaporizer nozzles in the edgebanding machine


*Re real wood: statement based on our own tests. Depending on the veneer, e.g. with oak, check material compatibility at an unobtrusive point.

  • Occupational health and safety: nonflammable, VOC-free and label-free
  • Time savings: Use of jerricans on the machines                 → the frequent exchange of separating agent bottles is no longer necessary
  • Material savings: Economical consumption paired with high efficiency
  • Longer tool lives: The separating film protects machining tools from wear and tear and from glue adhesions

The following packaging sizes are available:

  • Concentrate: 20 L jerrican filled with 10 L (order no. D02012-RMB)
  • Ready for use: 20 L jerrican (order no. D02012-ANW)

Product description


TREKU is used in edge-banding machines in order to achieve neat glued joints and panel surfaces as well as smooth edges. The separating agents prevents adhesive residues from adhering to the material surfaces by cooling the glue down. The flat scrapers and buffing wheels in the machine will then remove any last glue residues without sticking together in the process.

Thanks to the strong lubricating effect machining tools are protected from wear and tear and from soiling. The lubricant film is particularly suited for sensitive surfaces with protective film because the film is prevented from shifting. The separating agent will not damage varnish-, acrylic-, PVC-, melamine- and other surfaces, also not under the protective films. After buffing it will hardly be visible on most surface patterns, which means that the panels will also not be rejected by automatic edge- and optical surface inspection systems. The panels can subsequently be recoated with most 3D- and UV-cured varnishes.



Time- cost- and material savings

The separating agent can be used in larger containers because it is label-free. This saves additional time because, with the mobilaTECT system, a single jerrican can supply the machine from one central point. Hence, the frequent replacement of the many individual bottles is no longer necessary. Also, the separating agent will last longer because the mobilaTECT nozzles apply it sparingly (< 1 litre per nozzle per 15,000 running metres is required). Machining tools, such as profile cutters and scrapers, have longer service lives – they are protected from plastic- and adhesive adhesions. Fibre- and sisal wheel brushes last until their wear limit because they are always clean and won’t stick together.



Employee- and environmental protection

Working safely and protecting health and environment – TREKU is based on renewable resources, water-based, label-free, VOC-free, non-flammable, and no hazardous good. HAZMAT handling is avoided, transport is made easier, and storage in an explosion-proof area is not necessary.

Field of use


  • For edgebanding processes
  • Application in the edge banding machine by means of the mobilaTECT vaporizer nozzles
  • Suitable for room door manufacture, in postforming, softforming, coating, and also for pressure shoes and flexible rods
  • For edges and work piece surfaces with protective film, because the film is prevented from shifting
  • Before flat and profile scrapers to prevent glue from adhering to the tools
  • Before the buffing units for moistening



TREKU is applied by means of the mobilaTECT vaporizer nozzles in in the edge-banding machine. The jerrican is placed in the jerrican support at the head of the machine, and a continuous pipeline supplies the nozzles. These precision nozzles are adjusted in such a way that they will generate a film of approx. 5mm width on the panel edge, thus preventing unwanted glue adhesions.

Further spray points can beadapted to individual requirements. TREKU can e.g. be applied before the flat- and profile scrapers in order to prevent glue adhesions on the scanning heads and cutters. When aligned laterally, aimed at the protective film of edge bands, it will prevent the protective film from being peeled off.

After buffing the surfaces are clean and touch-proof. The single elements can harden in the stack because stickling together is prevented. Even EVA-, PO- and PUR joints will not stick to each other in the stack.

The edges are protected until they are delivered to the customer. Many furniture manufacturers exploit this benefit and leave TREKU on the surfaces after buffing.

The separating agent is easy to remove with cleaning agents such as PRIMOX or PRIMOX Plus.

Safety advice



  • Label-free


Safety Data Sheet available for download after login.