clean.edge.liquid HP


3 in 1: Separating agent, coolant, and cleaning agent in the edge-banding machine

  1. Separating agent – prevents the spilled adhesive from adhering to the work piece
  2. Coolant – cools the glue joint and encases the glue residues
  3. Cleaning agent – removes glue residues; scrapers will work more accurately and show less wear and tear


  • For edges made of ABS, melamine, PP, acrylic, PET, PVC and even real wood
  • Minimization of storage costs: space-saving jerrican size; storage in the explosion-proof area is not necessary
  • Time savings: No time-consuming refilling of cartridges on the machine required thanks to central tank
  • Minimization of transport costs: No hazardous good
  • Protection of staff and the environment: VOC- and label-free
  • Material- and cost savings: Low consumption, high efficiency

The following packaging sizes are available:

  •     10 L jerrican (order no. Q01004)
  •     20 L jerrican (order no. Q02004)
  • 1000 L IBC (order no. Q10004)

Product description



clean.edge.liquid HP serves as a separating agent prior to bonding, as a coolant during bonding, and as a cleaning agent after edge-banding. This means that using several agents is no longer necessary. Since the Liquid combines the effects of the single agents, it can be used at any spray point in the machine.

The process is simplified even further as the Liquid is supplied from a central tank and fed to all nozzles by the mobilaTECT system. So, the time-consuming refilling of cartridges is no longer necessary. The optimal spray pressure ensures minimal consumption at high efficiency (approx. 1 litre per nozzle per 15,000 running metres).

The tools can be used for a longer time; milling units and scrapers are protected from soiling, and the manual cleaning of the pressure rollers is no longer necessary. No glue residues will adhere to the work pieces; the buffing wheels are wetted, which polishes the surfaces. The allrounder is gentle on surfaces and leaves no streaks.



Added bonus: clean.edge.liquid HP is no hazardous substance, no hazardous good, non-flammable, and VOC-free. This makes working with it pleasant and safe and is also eco-friendlier. Moreover, storage and transport are made easier – no need for transport of hazardous materials and storage in explosion-proof areas.


Field of use


  • In combination with the mobilaTECT system in edge-banding machines in the wood-processing industry
  • For all spray points in the machine because the Liquid acts as separating agent, coolant, and cleaning agent at the same time



clean.edge.liquid HP is applied by means of the mobilaTECT vaporizer nozzles that have been especially designed for the application of water-based separating agents. The nnozzles are adjusted in such a way that a film of approx. 5 mm width is applied on the edge of the board, where it will prevent unwanted glue adhesions.

The spray points within the machine are adjusted to your actual needs. In general, at least one spray point is positioned at the head of the machine, before the milling unit, and another one directly after the gluing unit.

Other possible positions are directly before the blades in order to reduce friction and to prevent glue from adhering to the tool itself, and directly before the buffing wheels in order to keep them moist, thus polishing the surface.

We take care of everything: the mobilaTECT system is installed on your premises by our technically trained specialists. Of course, we can also carry out theconversion of any new purchase on site at the machine manufacturer, so that your new edge-banding machine is delivered to your door ready for use.

Safety advice


  • Label-free


Safety Data Sheet available for download after login.