Strong surface cleaning agent for the furniture industry


  • For residue-free final cleaning
  • CLEANS furniture surfaces made of e.g. wood, glass or metal
  • REMOVES adhesive- and glue residues, labels, resins, pigmented ink and fresh paint residues, greases and oils, and many more

  • Protects staff and the environment → Label-free and VOC-reduced (34 %)
  • Makes transport and storage easier → No hazardous good

The following packaging sizes are available:

  • 250 ml pump spray bottle (order no. A25057-93-PP)
  •       1 L plastic bottle with trigger (order no. A00157-93-PP)
  •     10 L jerrican (order no. A01057-93-PP)
  •     20 L jerrican (order no. A02057-93-PP)
  •   200 L drum (order no. A20057-93-PP)

Product description


PRIMOX PLUS removes even persistent contaminations, which is why it is used for the powerful final cleaning of surfaces. For instance, labels and also adhesive- and glue residues can be removed from work pieces made of wood. The product cleans wood-, glass-, metal- and all polished and glossy surfaces without leaving streaks or stains. As it leaves no residues, the furniture components can subsequently be varnished, coated, labelled or bonded.



The following contaminations can be removed:

  • Labels
  • Adhesive- and glue residues
  • pigmented ink and fresh paint residues
  • Greases and oils
  • Resins
  • Dust
  • Fingerprints
  • Pencil- and felt pen marks



Staff and the environment are protected because PRIMOX PLUS is not only VOC-reduced but also label-free. Moreover, storage and transport are made easier because it is no hazardous good.

Field of use


  • For the final cleaning of heavily contaminated furniture surfaces



Use the spray bottle to spray PRIMOX PLUS directly on the furniture surfaces to be cleaned, and then wipe with a cloth. The surface cleaning agent is highly efficient and is hence to be applied sparingly.


Our tip: Save packaging material and space. For this we offer the cleaning agent in jerricans. Use the jerrican with matching drain tap for topping up the spray bottle again and again.

Safety advice

  • Label-free


Safety Data Sheet available for download after login.