Environmental principles


Environmental protection and employee safety are fundamental corporate values of bio-chem CLEANTEC GmbH.

Ecological awareness, sustainability, occupational health and safety, conservation of resources, energy efficiency and waste reduction are the basis on which we develop our products.

We have made it our business to offer our customers efficient alternative solutions and, in doing so, to make a significant contribution to risk prevention and environmental awareness.

We have already substituted numerous solvent-based products with our VOC-free or VOC-reduced ones. The label-free products form the basis of a safe workplace. Long service lives save resources. Refilling bottles and jerricans helps reduce packaging waste.

Excellent service and consultation are important to us: We advise our customers of the safety-related and environmentally relevant properties of our products and support them in usage and handling. We respond to your needs and offer intensive support provided on site by our team of trained specialists.

We make sure our suppliers and service providers comply with our environmental objectives.

We inform our staff in detail about environmental aspects, and we motivate and encourage them to adopt independent and environmentally conscious behaviours in connection with their work.