HydroTecFluid Graffex 705


Waterproofing liquid for the permanent sealing of furniture edges


  • Prevents moisture expansion around furniture edges, esp. with bathroom- and kitchen furniture
  • Water- and dirt-repellent
  • Can be used manually or in edge-banding machines

  • Can be used in laser processes and on edges glued with EVA, PO and PU
  • For surfaces made of melamine, CPL, HPL, varnish, glass, wood, concrete, ceramics, plastics, marble, stone, and metal
  • HDF/MDF surfaces will absorb substantially less moisture
  • A clearance certificate for food grade materials is available on request

The following packaging sizes are available:

  •     20 ml stick (order no.QHTF-ST)
  •   500 ml metal-jerrican (order no. QHTF-500)
  •       5 L   metal-jerrican (order no. QHTF-005)

Product description


Moisture expansion around furniture edges, esp. with bathroom- and kitchen furniture fronts and cabinet components, is a major issue for the furniture industry. Even the tiniest of damages around the edges, e.g. caused by profile- or flat scrapers, are enough for water ingress. If applied correctly, HydroTecFluid efficiently prevents moisture expansion on panel elements, thereby reducing the number of complaints. It can be applied manually by the assembly teams using a waterproofing stick, or during production in the through-feed by means of the mobilaTECT high-pressure nozzles.

With the waterproofing agent, a lotus effect is achieved – the surface will become water- and oil- or dirt-repellent (hydro- and oleophobic). Contaminations are then easier to remove. Up to a certain point, the coating is also scratch-proof.

Field of use


  • Furniture industry
  • For kitchen- and bathroom furniture (e.g. dishwasher, extractor hood, washstand, etc.)
  • For direct application or in the machine in the through-feed by means of the mobilaTECT high-pressure nozzles



Press the waterproofing stick with the pumping valve firmly down on the edge for a short time so that the liquid is released. Then draw it along the edge. After that, polish over the edge with a cloth – finished.

With the aid of the mobilaTECT high-pressure nozzles, the waterproofing agent can also be integrated in the manufacturing process. This guarantees that the optimal dose is applied at all times and that the process is efficient. The prerequisite for application in the through-feed of the edge-banding machine is that the furniture panel undergoes final processing by a buffing unit. We’ll be glad to advise you individually on this topic.

Before use, check material compatibility at an inconspicuous point. The water-repellent effect will be fully effective after approx. 24 hours. The product should not be used at temperatures below +15 °C/59 °F.

Safety advice


  • Asp. Tox. 1
  • Flam. Liq. 3


Safety Data Sheet available for download after login.