Surface cleaning agent for final cleaning in the furniture industry


  • CLEANS furniture surfaces made of e.g. wood, glass or metal
  • REMOVES resins, separating agent residues, wood shavings, dust, light greases and oils, etc.
  • Residue-free, so suitable for final cleaning


  • Protects staff and the environment → Label-free and VOC-reduced (18.9 %)


  • Transport and storage cost savings → No hazardous good

The following packaging sizes are available:

  •       1 L plastic bottle with trigger (order no. A00157-PRIM)
  •     10 L jerrican (order no. A01057-PRIM)
  •     20 L jerrican (order no. A02057-PRIM)
  •   200 L drum (order no. A20057-PRIM)

Product description


PRIMOX is used in the furniture industry, primarily for the final cleaning of furniture panels. The cleaning agent removes contaminations residue-free – this means the panel elements can be delivered directly to the customer, and downstream processes are not adversely affected. So, it can also be used prior to complex processing steps, such as varnishing, bonding, labelling or coating.

The product cleans wood-, glass-, metal- and all polished and glossy surfaces and can also be used on sensitive surfaces.



The following contaminations can be removed:

  • Resins
  • Light greases and oils
  • Dust
  • Fingerprints
  • Pencil- and felt pen marks
  • Light adhesive- and glue residues



Staff and the environment are protected because PRIMOX is label-free and VOC-reduced. Moreover, storage and transport are made easier, and costs can be saved – no need for transport of hazardous materials and storage in explosion-proof areas.

Field of use


  • For the final cleaning of panels in the furniture industry
  • Prior to varnishing, bonding, labelling or coating



PRIMOX is ready for use. Spray it on using the spray bottle and then wipe the surface with a cloth. The cleaning agent is applied sparingly, thus saving material.


Our tip: Save packaging material and space – Use the cleaning agent in the jerrican with extra drain tap for topping up the spray bottle again and again.

Safety advice


  • Label-free


Safety Data Sheet available for download after login.